shop US is simple...


Simply send me a request for an item(s) that you would like to purchase, with the URL or store name where the item(s) is located, and I will calculate your total cost.

My service fee is $20.00 USD.

-Online shopping: $20.00 USD fee + Website shipping fee.
-Local shopping: $20.00 USD fee + Gas fee (If the location is not within 100 miles to home)

Shipping is $10.00 USD to anywhere in the world for a large envelope to a small sized package.
Anything above that will cause the price to increase according to the weight of the package.
The item(s) will be shipped once they arrive or are bought.

Payment will be through paypal. All payments should be made in USD, and sent to

I do not do returns and all sales are final.

If you have any questions or would like to put in a request contact me at:

Happy Shopping!